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Monday, August 21, 2017
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Christmas greetings from beyond the grave

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Is there anybody out there? Jane Fryer, left, with mediums TJ (Tracey) Higgs and Colin Fry at the Shaw Theatre in central London

By Jane Fryer

Everyone is sitting on the edge of their red velour chairs. Throats are cleared, bottoms adjusted, arms crossed and uncrossed, tissues clasped tight in readiness.

Until, finally, at 7.45pm, the first Christmas message comes through.

'I've got a John . . . and a Tom. No, hang on - it's two Toms. . . or is it three Toms? And one's a grandad - but a youngish sort of grandad - old, but young at heart.

'And he must have had trouble with his breathing, because I'm feeling very tight in my chest. Oh, and hang on a minute, I've got the Honey Monster. Who here's obsessed with the Honey Monster?'

Is there anybody out there? Jane Fryer, left, with mediums TJ (Tracey) Higgs and Colin Fry at the Shaw Theatre in central London

'That's us!' says a red-haired lady called Helen. 'It's my dad and he's called Tom. And Honey Monster is my son Chris's nickname,' she adds, now all pink and pleased as one of the microphone men rush towards her.



'Excellent. Well he's got a message for you . . . he's seen you dancing round the kitchen in that outfit - he says you'll know what he means - and he doesn't think it's very becoming at your age.

'And Chris. . . he's telling you to get your finger out - you've become a bit of a cocky so-and-so in the past few months. Just listen to your mum about this college thing... this last year of school thing . . . because she knows best. Does that all make sense?'

'Yes', they both whisper and then sit there looking awed and shaky. Which isn't that surprising, because Grandad Tom has been dead for several weeks.

'What better time to contact those who have passed?'

Welcome to The Christmas Message - a rather different sort of seasonal show in which Colin Fry (aka Britain's most famous medium and the star of a slew of Living TV's spooky programmes called Most Haunted, Psychic Private Eyes and 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry) and sidekick TJ (or Tracey) Higgs spend nearly three hours bringing festive messages from the 'other side'.

These messages are all for friends and relatives sitting in the audience - all under the glare of four red and green spotlights and a huge neon Christmassy sign.

And while you might think that Christmas, or indeed, the Shaw Theatre in central London, might not be the obvious setting for a giant public seance, Colin, 48, is having none of it.

'Christmas is when people are missed most - what better time to contact those who have passed to the other side? It's all about being positive and open.

'If you put up barriers it's going to be a very dull evening, like one I spent recently - in a town that I shall not name - where the audience were more dead than the people I was talking to.

'So don't cross your arms - that's very defensive - and be open and giving to the occasion and say hello to the people sitting next to you.'

And with that, 400 pairs of arms and legs swiftly uncross and I meet my neighbours - two sisters in their 70s called Maureen and Jean who have travelled down from Kidderminster and are hoping for a message from their late mother.

'She passed away nearly 20 years ago, but she loved Christmas. We've seen loads of mediums and she's never come through, but if anyone can bring her over, it's Colin,' says Jean. 'Everyone knows he's the best.'

He's certainly been at it a while. When we met for a pre-show chat, he told me that his first message came through when he was ten years old.

'I was walking home from school one day when suddenly I heard the voice of my grandfather - who'd passed away the year before - and he said, "run home as fast as you can sonny boy, that ambulance that's just gone by is for your mum". So I did and, sure enough, my mum had tripped and fallen down the stairs.'

Gosh. 'Of course, I'd had lots of visions before then, but I hadn't realised until then that no one else can see or sense dead people.'

TJ - who runs her own spiritual centre and once did a live crystal television reading for Charles and Camilla on the Richard and Judy Show - had a similarly early awakening.

'When I was about three, my great grandad died and I clambered into the coffin with him. It really freaked my family out, but I just couldn't work out why he was cold.' She also saw animals in different colours - green or pink if they were in a good mood, blue if they were grumpy.

So how does the show work? Do they hear voices in their heads, do they see things - and how on earth do they know which message belongs to whom?

'It's very simple, we just present whatever it is that comes through to us and people always seem to recognise their loved ones.'

TJ describes it as being like 'a giant mobile phone searching for its transmitter'.

'When I start working, my energy changes as if someone's opened it up, and I start searching for messages.'

Fry and Higgs relax the audience before beginning their three-hour show

Fry and Higgs relax the audience before beginning their three-hour show

There are downsides to being a transmitter. Like the time she saw a dead man at the counter in Boots, playing with his baby while his widow chatted to the sales assistant. Or when she saw someone's late mother standing next to them in the queue at Sainsbury's.

'It's a big responsibility - I wouldn't dream of barging in or saying anything out of turn.'

Doesn't it drive her mad seeing dead people all the time?

'Not really, but you have to learn the discipline of working with the gift - when not to work and when to really tune in to the specifics.'

Which, back under the spotlights of the Shaw Theatre, are extraordinarily detailed.

'Who was stood up naked in a kitchen sink as a little girl and scrubbed down with a scrubbing brush and scouring pads?'

'That was me!' shouts a middleaged woman at the back, pleased as punch, 'I was covered in tar!'

'Who chased someone down the road, wrongly accusing him of pinching knickers off her washing line?'

'That was my aunt,' says another lady proudly.

'Who knew an Auntie Rose who was always surrounded by animals - there are a lot of animals. I can smell them!'

Amazingly, pretty much all messages seem to find homes. And seem to bring genuine joy and happiness - if a few tears.

During the interval, I have a nice chat with some of the 'lucky' ones who've been on the receiving end.

'It felt quite strange - as if Dad was actually here,' says red-haired Helen. 'He's not been gone very long so we worried he wouldn't be able to make it, so when he was first through, we were very proud.'

And the bit about Chris pulling his finger out - did it make sense?

'Yeah. We've been having a bit of an argument about university and all that, so I feel a bit weirded out now.'

'I saw the spirit of a dead man at the counter in Boots'

So far, so good. It's only later that things start to go off the boil a bit. Maybe Colin and TJ's antennae get worn out after an hour-and-a-half's solid channelling.

'Who knows a Margaret and a Susan? You know that song, about Mary Poppins feeding the birds.. does that mean anything? Who knows an Andrew with a strong connection with Australia?'

Silence. 'I know an Adam,' says someone hopefully.

'No. It's definitely Andrew. Come on. . . someone must - they're here for someone. I think it's you at the back - yes you - lady in the blue top, stop shaking your head. You've got a great bubble of energy above your head - you're lit up like a Christmas tree!'

The lady in the blue top isn't convinced - 'I don't think it's me. I really don't.'

Next come a few 'split connections' - which Colin describes as where more than one person with similar feelings and memories come through together and confuse things rather.

But Colin and TJ are unconcerned. After all, as Colin said to me earlier, 'I've been doing this for 40 years - I don't need to prove myself to anyone . . . and I hate all that twinkly, twinkly angel dust music that some psychics play all the time.'

Colin is big in Sweden, Norway and Japan - in fact pretty much all around the world - and tells me he's worked with more than 50 families involved in police murder investigations. 'I tried to warn the police about the Brighton bombing and they just laughed at me. I was quite specific - I said, "bomb behind a bath panel".

Of course, then afterwards I was questioned: "How did you know that?" and I said: "Because I'm a medium and saw it happen".' Not to be outdone, TJ had her own messages for the Soham police.

'When Holly and Jessica went missing, I just got two words - "school" and "caretaker". I phoned the police, but they told me not to bother them.'

Sometimes the job can be a bit thankless.

'In a show like this, you can give them all their relatives, one by one, all with nice messages, and they're like: "Oh, OK then.." and seem totally unmoved. And then you say, "Oh hang on, there's a budgie called Percy here now" and they break down in tears sobbing "Oh my God, Percy, the love of my life!"'

'I hated my funeral - way too much crying'

Goodness. And, er, do they have any messages for me?

'I don't. I'm not ready yet', says TJ. 'I won't get anything until I'm standing on that stage and my energies are ready.'

And Colin? 'No, for me it's just mumbling in the background. You'll have to wait til the show.'

Where more and more messages are hitting home. There's one about a birdbath, another about an elderly lady called Grace and her slippers, a cryptic one about 'Grecian 2000' and a very specific message for a handsome young man from his dead father:

'You've had three emails and you've chosen to ignore them, but they would present a great opportunity in Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles.'

Some are blackly funny - 'I hated my funeral - way too much crying. I told you not to cry so much' - while others are just sad.

'You should get out more and stop shutting yourself away.'

Meanwhile, the audience look thrilled, if a bit sniffly. Other, that is, than an unhappy looking lady at the back who asks: 'Why does my husband never come through for me?'

'It's all about the power of positive thinking,' explains Colin. 'We create an energy that allows them to be attached to us - you've got to think, "Tonight's the night".

'And it doesn't matter how long they've been dead. The quickest I ever had was a message for a young man whose father had passed away that afternoon. And the longest was 75 years.'

Finally, nearly three hours and goodness knows how many messages (and mixed messages) later, it's over.

Sadly, there's still nothing for me. Or for Maureen and Jean or the lady at the back who never hears anything and is still muttering: 'Why does he never come?'

And it was a bit light on specifically Christmassy missives - although there was one man who told his family to 'set off a big firework in my memory on Boxing Day'.

But it was quite a show, and everyone looks so touched and teary that it doesn't seem quite fair to dwell on the mixed messages and a few false starts.

And so, last things last, what of Helen and that odd message about dancing round her kitchen in a strange outfit - did it make sense?

'Oh yes! I've been strutting round the kitchen in a belly-dancing outfit I got to wear at Chris's 18th birthday party - and he's absolutely right, I'm way too old for it.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1237628/Christmas-greetings-grave-Medium-brings-festive-messages-side.html#ixzz0aqTgKGVM

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